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PRESS RELEASE: Rigell, Wittman, Over 200 Second District Officials, Business Leaders, and Retired Military Officers Endorse Randy Forbes

Forbes For Congress

Rigell, Wittman, Over 200 Second District Officials, Business Leaders, and Retired Military Officers Endorse Randy Forbes

Joining the Over 200 are Virginia Beach Treasurer John Atkinson, Delegate Gordon Helsel, Former Hampton Councilman Alan Vanasse, Former Virginia Beach Councilman Brad Martin, and More

Date: April 13, 2016
Contact: Hailey Sadler, Communications Director, (757) 692-2108

Virginia Beach, VA -- Today, Congressman Forbes announced that a majority of the Virginia Beach Republican Delegation to the General Assembly have endorsed his candidacy in the Second Congressional District. Current Virginia Beach representatives who are unequivocally and enthusiastically endorsing Congressman Forbes include Delegate Barry Knight, Delegate Ron Villanueva, Delegate Glenn Davis, Delegate Jason Miyares, and Senator John Cosgrove.

Congressman Forbes' campaign in the Second District has also been welcomed with strong support by a host of elected officials spanning the entire Second District. Recently joining these ranks of supporters are Virginia Beach Treasurer John Atkinson, the longest serving Republican in the history of Virginia Beach;  Delegate Gordon Helsel, a Vietnam veteran and one of Poquoson's most distinguished public servants;  Williamsburg-James City County Clerk of Court Mona Foley; James City County Board of Supervisors Member Kevin Onizuk; and Williamsburg-James City County School Board Member Holly Taylor. Additionally, Delegate Brenda Pogge, a leading conservative voice in Virginia; Virginia Beach Council Members John Moss, Bobby Dyer, and Rosemary Wilson; York-Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs; Williamsburg-James City County Sheriff Bob Deeds; York County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeff Wassmer; James City County Board of Supervisors Chairman Michael Hipple; Mayor Gene Hunt of Poquoson; and York County School Board Chairman Dr. Robert George have already come out with early ringing endorsements of Congressman Forbes. Here's what they are saying about Randy:
  • Delegate Jason Miyares, Virginia Beach: "Randy Forbes has demonstrated unparalleled leadership on rebuilding our military and building up our national security to keep our nation safe.  While President Obama has tried to cut our Navy and weaken our national security, Randy Forbes has been at the forefront in pushing back on the Obama Agenda and protecting our military assets in Hampton Roads. We need Randy to continue representing our conservative values in Congress and to keep fighting for our Virginia jobs."
  • Delegate Gordon Helsel, Poquoson: "Everyone who knows Randy Forbes knows that he is a man of tremendous character, deep faith, and an unrivaled record of putting service before self. He is a commanding voice on national security issues and, with his leadership on the House Armed Services Committee, has a proven record of fighting for those who wear this country's uniform that is invaluable. Our region needs him and our nation needs him."
  • Sheriff Danny Diggs, York-Poquoson: "This region would suffer immeasurably without the leadership and integrity of Randy Forbes."
Both of the current U.S. Congressmen representing Virginia's First and Second Congressional Districts have endorsed Congressman Forbes as critical to the region's future, saying:
  • U.S. Congressman Scott Rigell (VA-02): "Randy Forbes' influence and leadership on national defense are not just helpful -- they are crucial -- to the future of the Second District."
  • U.S. Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01): "Forbes is undeniably the best choice for this region… his leadership is absolutely key to our national security and to the Commonwealth's prosperity and economic growth."
Additionally, some of the most consequential former Second District officials have stepped forward with resounding endorsements of Randy's character and leadership. Joining Former Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney Harvey Bryant; Former 2nd District Chairman Dave Hummel; Former 2nd District Chairman Gordon Robertson; Former 2nd District Chairman Bruce Meyer; and Former Virginia Beach Councilman Robert Dean in strong support of Randy are Former Hampton Councilman Alan Vanasse; Former Member of the York County Board of Supervisors H.R. "Dick" Ashe; and Former Virginia Beach Councilman Brad Martin.
  • Harvey Bryant, Former Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney: "Randy Forbes' expertise on national security and passion for serving our men and women in uniform is second to none. He is the strongest defender the Second District could possibly have for our military, our family values, and our religious freedoms. Randy is the Hampton Roads candidate, and our region needs his forceful advocacy in Congress to strengthen national defense, protect our military assets, and grow good-paying jobs for Virginia Beach families."
  • Gordon Robertson, Former 2nd District Chairman: "Randy Forbes is the same man of faith and of sterling integrity today that he was when I first met him over 25 years ago. His character and leadership are unparalleled, which is why he is hands down the best choice for the Second District and the person I trust to represent our region."
Across the Second District, over 120 top executives representing some of the region's most successful business leaders have come out in force to endorse Congressman Forbes' leadership on the House Armed Services Committee as a critical asset to the economy and region's jobs. The list of supporters includes individuals such as Rob Martinez, Vice President of Norfolk Southern Corporation and Former Virginia Secretary of Transportation, Doug Perry, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Dollar Tree, and Bob Golden, CEO of The GBS Group, which provides services to major energy, railroad, maritime, and defense customers across the U.S.; as well as well-known names like Matt Mulherin, Luke Hillier, Wayne Coleman, Bill Clifford, Fred Napolitano, John Biagas, Rod Rodriguez, Tom Frantz, and Steve Ballard -- representing a who's who of the largest and most established regional employers across the Second Congressional District.
  • B. Rod Rodriguez, CEO Bay Mechanical, Inc.: "With his stellar record of fighting for Virginia jobs and his influence on national security matters that directly impact the Hampton Roads' economy, Randy Forbes is a powerful voice on behalf of all Virginians. We need him in Congress now more than ever."
  • CAPT Ben Loyola, USN (Ret.), President, Loyola Enterprises, Inc.: "We can count on Randy Forbes to fight for lower taxes, less regulation, and less of Washington in our lives. Our men and women in uniform have a great defender and friend in Randy. There is no better friend and neighbor than Randy Forbes to represent us in Congress."
Congressman Forbes has also been officially endorsed by over 35 local retired military officers and 7 Former Secretaries of the Navy, representing some of the most brilliant minds on national security and most distinguished public servants who served in the Reagan and both Bush Administrations. Among these high-profile supporters is Senator John Warner of Virginia, who served as Secretary of the Navy and as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.
  • John Warner, Former Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman and Former Secretary of the Navy: "Looking back on my good fortune of serving Virginia for 30 years in the U.S. Senate, I can attest to how longevity of service and experience can directly benefit a Member's constituents and the whole of their state. When I was elected to Congress in 1979, I inherited the legacy of Virginia members of Congress both Democrat and Republican who had labored long and hard to maintain Virginia's position among the top 5 states in America providing for the needs of the men and women of the Armed Forces and maintaining the viability of Virginia's extensive defense industrial base. Virginia has continued to hold this status, particularly in the Tidewater region where Congressman Forbes has so diligently and conscientiously fought to maintain America's strong defense, in the face of an ever increasing, dangerous and complex world situation. I am privileged to join my distinguished former colleagues in the Department of Defense in recognizing Forbes' strong leadership and accomplishments in the cause of freedom and his continuing opportunity through seniority and hard work to take on greater leadership positions in the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee."
The list of Second District supporters includes dedicated and distinguished elected officials from across Hampton Roads, the Peninsula, and on the Eastern Shore, as well as business leaders, conservative and grassroots leaders, retired military officers, and Secretaries of the Navy, listed below:  

Secretaries of the U.S. Navy:
  • John Warner, Former Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman and Former Secretary of the Navy
  • John Lehman, Former Secretary of the Navy
  • Gordon England, Former Deputy Secretary of Defense and Former Secretary of the Navy
  • Sean O'Keefe, Former Secretary of the Navy
  • William Ball, Former Secretary of the Navy
  • Donald Winter, Former Secretary of the Navy
  • J. William Middendof II, Former Secretary of the Navy
Local Office Holders: 
  • Congressman Scott Rigell (VA-02)
  • Congressman Rob Wittman (VA-01)
Second District General Assembly Members
  • Senator John Cosgrove (SD 14), Virginia Beach, Chesapeake
  • Delegate Glenn Davis (HD 84), Virginia Beach
  • Delegate Barry Knight (HD 81), Virginia Beach, Chesapeake
  • Delegate Jason Miyares (HD 82), Virginia Beach
  • Delegate Brenda Pogge (HD 96) James City County, York County
  • Delegate Ron Villanueva (HD 21), Virginia Beach, Chesapeake
  • Delegate Gordon Helsel (HD 91), Hampton, Poquoson
Board of Supervisors Members
  • H.R. "Dick" Ashe, Former Board of Supervisors, York County
  • Jim Funk, Former Chairman, Board of Supervisors, York County 
  • Bruce Goodson, Former Chairman, Board of Supervisors, James City County 
  • Michael J. Hipple, Chairman, Board of Supervisors, James City County 
  • George S. Hrichak, Former Chairman, Board of Supervisors, York County 
  • Kevin Onizuk, Board of Supervisors, James City County
  • Sue Sadler, Board of Supervisors, James City County 
  • Tom Shepperd, Board of Supervisors, York County 
  • Jeff Wassmer, Chairman, Board of Supervisors, York County 
  • Walt Zaremba, Board of Supervisors, York County  
City Council Members
  • Bert Bateman, Councilman, City of Newport News
  • Mickey Chohany, Former Councilman, City of Williamsburg 
  • Robert Dean, Former Councilman, City of Virginia Beach
  • Bobby Dyer, Councilman, City of Virginia Beach 
  • Herbert R. "Buddy" Green, Jr., Councilman, City of Poquoson 
  • W. Eugene "Gene" Hunt, Mayor, City of Poquoson 
  • Brad Martin, Former Councilman, City of Virginia Beach
  • John Moss, Councilman, City of Virginia Beach 
  • Douglas Pons, Councilman, City of Williamsburg 
  • Chris Stuart, Former Councilman, City of Hampton
  • Rosemary Wilson, Councilwoman, City of Virginia Beach 
  • Dr. Patricia Woodbury, Councilwoman, City of Newport News
  • Alan Vanasse, Former Councilman, City of Hampton
Other Elected Officials 
  • John Atkinson, Treasurer, City of Virginia Beach
  • Tim Beale, District Vice Chairman, Colonial Soil & Water Conservation 
  • Harvey Bryant, Former Commonwealth's Attorney, City of Virginia Beach
  • Robert J. "Bob" Deeds, Sheriff, Williamsburg-James City County 
  • J.D. "Danny" Diggs, Sheriff, York-Poquoson
  • Mona Foley, Clerk of Court, Williamsburg-James City County
  • Dr. Robert W. George, Chairman, School Board, York County 
  • Benjamin M. Hahn, Commonwealth's Attorney, York-Poquoson 
  • Mark Medford, School Board, York County 
  • Kristen N. Nelson, Clerk, Circuit Court, York-Poquoson 
  • Lennie Routten, Former School Board Chairman, City of Hampton
  • Holly Taylor, School Board, Williamsburg-James City County
Filipino-American Community Leaders:
  • Nony Abrajano, Chairman, Filipino-American Community Action Group (Fil-Am CAG) 
  • Pepe Cabacoy, Fil-Am Community Leader 
  • Gil Zulueta, Vice Chair, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Fil-Am CAG 
  • Alberto Dayao, 1st Vice Chairman, Fil-Am CAG and Chair, Socio-Political Committee
  • Gener R. Bariso , Chair, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, Fil-Am CAG 
  • Jun Sandoval, Fil-Am CAG Assistant PRO and Vice Chair, Socio-Political Affairs Committee 
Top Second District Business Leaders:
  • VADM David Architzel USN (Ret.), President, Fairlead Boat Works
  • H.R. "Dick" Ashe, American Eastern
  • Jim Arnhold
  • Betsy Atkinson
  • Clay Atkinson, Owner, Atkinson Realty
  • Ed Augustine, President/CEO, Paramount Builders and Caren Augustine
  • Jackie Amato, CEO, TowneBank Mortgage
  • Jeff Ainslie, President, Ainslie Group
  • Scott Alperin, Attorney, Alperin Law
  • Lawton H. Baker, CPA
  • Stanley F. Baldwin
  • Steve Ballard
  • Stephanie and David Batten, Batten Interiors
  • Harshad Barot, Vice President, Galaxy Group Hotels
  • Stephen Barrs, President, C.A. Barrs Contractor
  • Bobby Beasley, Harvey Lindsay Commercial Real Estate
  • Bill Bell
  • John Biagas, CEO, Bay Electric
  • Perry Bingham, Director of Business Development, BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair
  • David M. Bohannon II, President, London Bridge Trading Co. and Laura Claire Bohannon
  • David M. Brand
  • Jerry Bryan, Owner, Coastal Restaurants, Inc.
  • Pete Burkhimer, Chief Engineer, Virginia, American Engineering Associates
  • Stephen D. Corazza, The Anchor 1 LLC
  • Phillip Custis, Custis Farms Inc.
  • Juan D. Carrillo, Jr., President and CEO, Juan's Mexican Café and Co-Owner, Aspen Burger Co.
  • Richard Cheng
  • Wayne Coleman
  • Barry Cross, President, Ashdon Builders
  • Carol Curtis, President, Noah Enterprises, Inc.
  • David E. Collier, President, First Atlantic Restoration DKI
  • Ginny Sancilio Cross, Owner, Atlantic Land and Development Company
  • Neal Crawford, President, Monarch Bank
  • Scot Creech
  • Bill Clifford
  • Alan Dworetzk, Managing Director, Harbor Group International
  • Helen Dragas, President and CEO, The Dragas Companies
  • John Domanski, President /CEO, Accurate Marine Environmental
  • Mark Dreyfus
  • Hollis D. Ellis, President, CAE, Inc.
  • Thomas Epley, President and CEO,  MHI Shiprepair, LLC
  • Edward A. Fiorella Sr.
  • Pat Feliciano, President, DOMA Technologies
  • Jerry Flowers, President, Southern Trust Mortgage
  • Thomas R. Frantz
  • Edward Garcia, Chairman of the Board, The ESG Companies (Development)
  • Rick Gallaer
  • Gordon Gentry
  • Bob Golden, CEO, The GBS Group   
  • Rob Green, CEO, Caliper Inc.
  • Helen J. Green, General Manager/EVP, TowneBank Mortgage
  • Tom Godfrey, President and CEO, Colonna's Shipyard, Inc.
  • Richard Goodwyn, Goodwyn Lawn Care, Inc.
  • Todd Hooks, Director of Programs, BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair
  • Terry E. Hall, Executive Vice President – MBE Compliance Advisory Group
  • Todd Vanden Hoek, M.D.
  • Ann & Tom Hunnicutt, III       
  • Brian Holland, CEO, Atlantic Bay Mortgage
  • Luke Hillier
  • E.M. Hardee III
  • Timothy S. Harkins, President/COO, The Miller Group
  • Mark T. Jones, Q.E.D. Systems, Inc.
  • Nick Jacovides, President, EDC Homes- Equity Development Corporation, Inc.
  • Pete Alex Kotarides
  • Jack Kotvas, Esq.
  • Thomas C. Kyrus, Kyrus Enterprises
  • L. Robert Layton, Retired President, Atlantic Equipment Corp
  • Richard Litton, President, Harbor Group International
  • John Munford, President, Riggins Company
  • Lewis A. McMurran III
  • Matthew J. Mulherin
  • Mike and Kathy Melo
  • Dr. Daniel D. Munn, Director Trauma & Acute Care Surgery
  • Connie Meyer, Vice President, Meyer Group Insurance
  • Bruce Meyer, Chairman, Republican Professionals Network
  • Carolyn McDonnell, Owner, Military Produce Group
  • Charles V. McPhillips, Executive Vice President, Kaufman and Canoles
  • Cheryl McLeskey, CEO, McLeskey and Associates
  • George R. Melnyk Jr., President, Premier Millwork and Lumber Co., Inc
  • Jerry Miller, CEO, Fairlead
  • Shep Miller, Chairman, KITCO Fiber Optics
  • Bruce B. Mills, Attorney
  • William T. Morrison
  • Vincent J. Mastracco Jr., Kaufman and Canoles, P.C.
  • Rob Martínez, Vice President, Norfolk Southern Corporation and Former Virginia Secretary of Transportation
  • Vincent A. Napolitano
  • Fred Napolitano, Chairman, Pembroke Commercial Realty
  • John Owens, CEO, Virginia Beach Based Consulting Firm
  • Richard E. Olivieri
  • Keith Parnell, CEO, Jase Group, LLC
  • Doug Perry, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dollar Tree
  • Vic Philleo, Senior Vice President-Investments, Waterfront Advisory Group of Raymond James & Associates
  • David Pitrolo, President, Chesapeake Emergency Physicians
  • Robert Pizzini, CEO, iFLY Virginia Beach (A Breedon Co.)
  • F. Scott Ripley, Vice President - Ripley Heatwole Co., President - RH Builders
  • F. Gordon Reams
  • Mike Rodriguez, Pres. /Operations, Bay Mechanical, Inc.
  • Ed Reed
  • Eddie Russell
  • Frank J. Reidy, President, McClees Associates
  • B. Rod Rodriguez, CEO, Bay Mechanical, Inc. and Cynthia Rodriguez
  • Steve Rockefeller, SVP Area Business Development, George Mason Mortgage
  • Conway H. Sheild, III
  • DeRonda Short
  • Art Sandler
  • Chris Sanders, Sr. VP,  Robinson Development Group
  • Dwight C. Schaubach
  • Jordan E. Slone
  • Lewis Siegel, M.D.
  • Michael Sifen
  • Mick Shaw, Realtor, Howard Hanna William E. Wood and Kathy Shaw
  • Nicole Stuart, President, Top Guard Security
  • Patricia A. Steele, Managing Broker, Caldwell Banker
  • Patrick Shuler, CPA
  • Paul Smith, Owner-Operator McDonald's, President PDS Inc. t/a McDonald's
  • Thomas Sarach, Jr.
  • Randy Singer, Managing Partner, Singer Legal Group
  • Dave Thomas, VP/GM, BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair
  • Thomas Taylor, Owner, MF&B Marine
  • Mary Ann Vanasse, Realtor
  • Roger Visser
  • Eric Wray, President, E. Vaughn Wray Funeral Establishment
  • Walter J. Wilkins
  • Bob Widener, President, Widener Corporation
  • Wendell White, President/CEO, Bayside Building
  • H. Allen Ward, President, Bay Mechanical
  • John W. Wilson, Jr., Agency Owner, WBR Insurance
  • Stephen T. Whitfield
  • Thomas T. Winborne, CEO, Clark Nexsen
Retired Military Officers:
  • VADM David Architzel, USN (Ret.)
  • CAPT Perry Bingham, USN (Ret.)
  • CAPT Bill Curtis, USN (Ret.)
  • CAPT John G. Colgan, USN (Ret.)
  • COL Bill Coburn, USAF (Ret.)
  • RADM Jay M. Cohen, USN (Ret.)
  • COL James G. Edge USA (Ret.)
  • CAPT Kenny E. Golden, USN (Ret.)
  • CDR Joe E. Gelardi, USN (Ret.)
  • RADM Michael R. Groothousen, USN (Ret.)
  • RDML Mark Gemmill, USN (Ret.)
  • VADM Hank Giffin, USN (Ret.)
  • CAPT Paul Hollandsworth, USN (Ret.)
  • CAPT Todd Hooks, USN (Ret.)
  • RADM Bud Jewett, USN (Ret.)
  • RADM Gary R. Jones, USN (Ret.)
  • COL Eric Koppelman USA (Ret.)
  • RADM Jack Kavanaugh, USN (Ret.)
  • CAPT Ben Loyola, USN (Ret.)
  • CDR Frederick B. Malvin, USN (Ret.)
  • RADM Fred Metz, USN (Ret.)
  • RADM Gerard Mauer, USN (Ret.)
  • RADM Terry McKnight, USN (Ret)
  • CAPT Charles F. Noll, USN (Ret.)
  • COL Boyd Nix, USAF (Ret.)
  • CDR John M. Owens, Jr, USN (Ret.)
  • RADM Phil Olson, USN (Ret.)
  • COL Jeffrey Platte, USAF (Ret.)
  • RDML Lin Rutherford, USN (Ret.)
  • Brig Gen Donald Streater, USAF (Ret.)
  • CDR James "Otto" Stutz, USN (Ret.)
  • COL Norbert F. Smith USA (Ret.)
  • CWO5 Ron Stebbins, USN (Ret.)
  • CDR Dave Thomas, USN (Ret.)
  • CAPT Chris Vatidis, USN (Ret.)

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